Notion + SendOwl: Building Your Online Shop

Building your own online shop can be challenging.

Yet, you can change that.

With the new integration of SendOwl into Notion, you can simplify the process and create a seamless experience for your customers.

Imagine this:

On your Notion website, your clients can make a purchase with just one click, directly taking them to the checkout page.

This quick and efficient checkout process offered by SendOwl sets it apart from other platforms like Gumroad.

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Key Differences: SendOwl vs Gumroad for Your Notion Online Shop

If you are building your online shop with Notion, there are 2 major differences between SendOwl and Gumroad that make SendOwl a standout choice:

1. Quick Checkout Process

SendOwl offers a quick checkout process.

Comparing to Gumroad, where customers have to click through to proceed to checkout, SendOwl makes the process simpler by providing a link direct to the checkout page.

This simplification reduces the chances of customers abandoning their purchase.

Gumroad provides cart button embed code, which can link to the checkout page, yet there are limitations:

  1. If you build your website with Notion: It doesn’t integrate with Notion.
  2. If you build your own website using other platforms: It might not work.
    (For example, it doesn’t work on platforms like WordPress and Wix.)
Gumroad’s Buy Button

2. Redirect After Purchase

With SendOwl, you can choose where to send your customers after they make a purchase.

This ensures a smooth and complete buying experience.

If Gumroad’s cart button embed code doesn’t work on your website, sending your customers to Gumroad may result in confusion.

They may get easily lost as they remain on the Gumroad platform after purchase.

And if they are not familiar with Gumroad, finding their order history or accessing their products again can be challenging.

How to Put Products on Your Notion Page

Now, with Notion and SendOwl, you have two great, easy-to-use, and affordable tools to sell your digital products.

The integration between Notion and SendOwl lets you add your SendOwl products directly into your Notion website, making it convenient for your customers to buy them.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to integrate SendOwl with Notion:

Method 1: Create a Product Preview

1. Create a SendOwl account.
SendOwl is free for 3 months for the Starter Plan

2. Add a new product in SendOwl.
There are 5 product types to choose from: product (digital or physical), pre-sale digital products, product with license code, subscription and bundle.

3. On the product you want to sell, click on “Sell.”

4. Copy the link that send your customers direct to payment page.

5. Paste the link on your Notion page.

6. Click on “embed as preview” in Notion.


Method 2: Create a Product Mention

After pasting the link in Notion, select “embed as mention.”


And you’re done!


To help you compare SendOwl and Gumroad in more detail, I’ve created two comprehensive tables.

1. SendOwl: Pros and Cons

For creators• Sell your products with payment links or embed “Buy Now” buttons on your website or blogs.

• PDF stamping feature.

• Limited download attempts and validity period.

• Redirect customers after payment.

• Collect payments via PayPal or Stripe.
• Credit card information is required to start the 3-month free trial.
For customers• Checkout is quick and easy. No sign-up required to make a purchase.

• Mobile phone friendly
• If unfamiliar with SendOwl, they may hesitate to trust the platform.

2. SendOwl v.s. Gumroad

PricingStarter Plan: 3 months free then $9 per monthFree
Fee per Order5% fee + Paypal / Stripe fee per order5% fee + Paypal / Stripe fee per order
Product InfoMainly text (HTML allowed)Text with multimedia and buttons
FrontstoreYes (if desired)Yes
Checkout ProcessLink → (product page) → payment page → Download page → Redirected to a specific linkLink → Product page → Payment page → Download page
Access to product purchasedAn order confirmation email with their download link.An order receipt email with their download link.

If signed in → The products would be in the “library” section
Allow customers to pay what they wantYesYes
Download attempts and validity periodYesNo
Sell Subscription / Membership (recurring payment)Yes
✓ Duration
✓ Free trial (days, weeks, month, year)
✓ Duration
✓ Free Trial (1 week or 1 month)
✓ Tiers
Product Licence codeYesYes
Add Discount codesYesYes
Add custom fields to checkout formNo
(If Integrating with a mailing list provider, you can setup a subscription checkbox)
Embed buttons on your websiteYes
• Buy Now → payment
• Buy Now → product page
• Add to Cart
• View Cart
”Buy on Gumroad” button
Sending EmailsIntegrate with your mailing list provider, such as ConvertKit, MailChimp, MailerLite, etcSend emails directly using Gumroad.

Email segmentation: customers, followers, affiliates
MarketplaceNoYes. You can gain traffic from Gumroad discover.

Your products will be listed on Gumroad Discover once your account is verified. (You need to have made at least $10 USD in sales, and our Risk team needs to have reviewed and cleared your sales.)
Third-party analyticsGoogle AnalyticsGoogle Analytics, Facebook Pixel
Payout MethodsPayPal, StripePayPal, Stripe
Hidden Levels for new sellers• Increase traffic
• After the 3-month free trial, there is a $9 monthly subscription fee.
• Earn at least US$10 to be listed on Gumroad Discover.
• Need to earn US$100 to send 100+ emails at a once.

Notion + SendOwl is the perfect combination for selling your digital products.

Give it a try today!