Notion Sprint & AI Power Up: Streamline Teamwork

In this week’s issue, we’re covering 2 new features of Notion,

plus 1 motivational quote to keep you inspired.

I. Sprint made easier

New Notion features keeps coming (and we love it)!

One of the latest features is the “Sprint” feature. It helps you manage sprint-based work with custom views and task automations.

You can connect to your company docs, meeting notes, GitHub repository, and more — all boosted by AI.

The new “Sprint” feature in Notion offers several key functionalities:

1. View current sprint in Sprint board:

The Sprint board shows your current sprint by default.

One click on “Complete sprint” updates the view to the new current sprint.

No more creating views (sprints) manually.

2. Customizations to Streamline Your Sprints:

You can configure your sprint duration, starting day, and how to handle incomplete tasks when a new sprint starts. This includes options like moving them to the next sprint or keeping them in the current one. 

Additionally, you can automate sprints to streamline your workflow or turn them off entirely if they don’t suit your needs.

3. Integrated with Github

This lets you link Github pull requests to Notion tasks.

You can see the status of pull requests right in your task list.

This makes team work easier.

Everyone can see what’s happening, even if they’re not tech experts.

🔹 Notion provides the Projects, tasks and sprint planner template to get you started. Get the template ​HERE​.

🔹 Learn more about sprints ​HERE​.

II. AI-suggested Properties

Now, when you click on “+ add a property” in your databases, AI-suggested properties appear.

Although I haven’t found any reference documents, my guess is that these recommendations are based on the database title and any existing properties.

With this feature, you have an assistant to help build your database and ensure you don’t overlook anything.

1 Motivational Quote for You

A few days ago, I saw a motivational quote that resonates with me:

“Incomplete improvement is better than delayed perfection.” (by Mark Twin)

I was once a perfectionist.

I’m still one, in some ways.

But I’ve learned that taking action is key.

The quote resonates with me because:

If I had remained a full-blown perfectionist, 

Small Wins wouldn’t exist.

So, I want to inspire you to seize the moment.

Start that dream project that’s been on your mind.

Pen down that novel you’ve been planning.

Pitch that innovative idea you’ve been nurturing.

Because taking action allows you to:

Get feedback from others or the results

→ Determine if you’re on the right path

→ Make timely changes

→ Save time (If your idea doesn’t work despite spending a lot of time perfecting it, you get nothing.)

→ Deliver results

The small wins along the way will ultimately lead to big success.

Hi, I’m Miyavi from Small Wins. I build systems to help you work smarter and live a better life.

Whenever you’re ready, here’s how I can help you:

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