Notion AI Connectors: How It Transform Your Workspace

Notion AI Connectors: How It Transform Your Workspace

Imagine you’re working on a project and need to find some information.

You know it’s buried somewhere in your Notion workspace, but you can’t quite remember where.

Or maybe it’s actually in a Slack conversation from a few months ago.Notion AI connectors are here to be your hero!

What are Notion AI Connectors?

Notion AI connectors are a powerful new feature that lets you connect your favorite third-party apps, like Slack, to your Notion workspace.

This means you can finally ditch the endless app switching and get all the answers you need in one place. Let’s dive deeper and see what this all means!

What are the Main Features of Notion AI Connectors?

1. Search Across Apps

Once you connect other apps, AI connectors can search across all of them at the same time.

To start, Notion is integrating Notion AI with Slack for now, with Google Drive and other apps coming soon.

Let’s say you’re planning a marketing campaign. 

You might have brainstorming notes in Notion, competitor research in a Google Doc, and conversations about target demographics in Slack.

With AI connectors, you can ask Notion AI something like “what are our key differentiators for this campaign?” and it will surface relevant information from all three places. No more jumping between apps and losing your train of thought!

Notion AI connectors

2. Find specific information

Need to track down that action item from last week’s Slack discussion?

No problem! Just ask Notion AI and it will point you to the right conversation.

3. Understand context

AI connectors are super smart and can understand the flow of conversation. So, even if you don’t use the exact keywords from your original notes, Notion AI can still connect the dots and deliver the info you need.

In short, AI connectors are here to make your life easier and your workflow smoother. 

What are the Usage Scenarios of Notion AI Connectors?

Notion AI connectors are a game-changer for anyone who juggles multiple apps and information sources.

Here are a few ways they can boost your productivity:

1. Project Management

Imagine seamlessly pulling together project details from different tools.

You can ask Notion AI to find all tasks assigned to you across various workspaces or see how a specific decision in a Slack conversation aligns with your project goals.

2. Research and Analysis

Research can be a breeze.

Use AI connectors to surface relevant data scattered across articles, meeting notes, and competitor analysis documents.

3. Team Collaboration

Break down information silos and get everyone on the same page.

Team members can leverage AI connectors to find past discussions, brainstorm meeting notes, and track action items – all within Notion.

This is just a glimpse of the possibilities. With AI connectors, your workflow becomes more streamlined and you can focus on what matters most: getting things done!

Who Can Use Notion AI Connectors?

Notion AI connectors are currently in beta, but anyone on a paid Notion plan with Q&A access can try them out for free.

There are two key players who need to be on board to set up AI connectors:

  • Notion Workspace Owner: You’ll need to be the owner of the Notion workspace you want to connect. This person can initiate the connection and grant access to other team members.
  • Slack Workspace Admin: For Slack integration, you’ll either need to be a Slack workspace admin. If you are not a Slack Workspace admin, you can request this integration. 

How to Set Up Notion AI Connectors?

Setting up AI connectors is simple. Here’s a quick walk-through:

1. Find the Magic Button

  • Navigate to the Notion AI chat window at the bottom of your workspace screen.
  • Click the three dots in the pop-up small window (…) and select “Connect Slack.”

2. Choose Your Channels

Notion AI won’t overwhelm you with information overload.

You get to choose which Slack channels you want to connect, including public channels and any future ones that get created.

3. Grant Access (if needed)

If you’re not a Slack workspace admin, you’ll need approval to connect the workspace.

Don’t worry, the process is smooth, and Notion will guide you through it.

4. Let Notion Work its Magic

Once you’ve connected the channels, Notion will scan the past year’s worth of messages to get up to speed.

This can take up to 36 hours, but Notion will keep you informed within the chat window.

That’s it! 

Now you’re ready to harness the power of AI connectors and unleash your newfound productivity.

So, are you ready to ditch the information scramble and embrace connected productivity?

With Notion AI connectors in your arsenal, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a master of knowledge work.

P.S. I can’t wait to see Notion allow Notion AI integration with Google Drive!

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