10 Best Notion Book Tracker / Reading List Templates

Avid readers! Are you looking for a better way to track your books and manage your reading list?

Whether you prefer a simple and minimalist design or a dashboard packed with features, there’s a template here for you.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to 10 best book tracker Notion templates that will transform the way you track your reading progress.

Let’s dive in and explore these amazing templates!

Free Notion Book Tracker Templates

Book Tracker

This Book Tracker template is a great tool for book lovers and passionate readers. It is designed to help you easily manage and track your reading progress in one convenient place.

Effortlessly keep a record of the books you have read, are currently reading, or plan to read in the future. Set your reading goals and reading challenges to stay motivated and have fun!

What’s in this template:

  • Bookshelf – Track your reading progress (including pages read, pages left, progress bar, estimated reading time left etc.), take book quotes & notes
  • Reading BGM – A chill lo-fi playlist as your reading background music
  • Reading Goals – Yearly goals & reading challenges for more motivation + fun
  • Reading Notes – Notes categorize notes by actions for easy access
  • Reading Habit Tracker – Develop a reading habit by tracking every day

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Book Tracker Notion Template

A minimal easy to use reading list tracker. This template automatically updates your yearly goal based on the starting and finished dates. Separate databases for authors and genres offer more flexibility in managing your books. The sidebar navigation allows for easy navigation between pages.

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Notion Book Tracker

This minimal template allows you to embark on a pleasant reading journey. You can organize your books into genres and rate them, making it easy to find your favorite ones. Additionally, it is multi-device friendly, making it ideal for heavily mobile users.

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Notion Reading List

With this book tracker, you can effortlessly organize your books based on their status, include your favorite books in your yearly reading challenge and create a personalized collection of books that have had a profound impact on your life. Monitor your overall reading progress and gain valuable insights into your journey.

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Notion Reader’s Hub Template

In addition to keeping track of reading progress, this aesthetically pleasing Notion template also allows you to record the time spent on each book. What’s more, the yearly book challenge feature helps you set ambitious reading goals and stay on track to achieve them. You can celebrate your reading achievements annually by tracking the total number of pages read and the time devoted to books throughout the year.

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Notion Book & Resources Tracker

If you’re looking to enhance your reading experience, you can try out this template. It features different note-taking methods, personalized reading stats, a Pomodoro Timer for effective time management, and the ability to capture resources and bookmarks with the Notion Web Clipper.

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Notion Reading List

If you’re looking for a clean and visually appealing book tracking template, you should check out this template. It features a soft color scheme that adds a touch of elegance. This template helps you organize your books into a wishlist and read list, making it easy to track your reading progress and plan your next read. You can also set reading goals and add personal notes and reviews for each book.

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Premium Notion Book Tracker Templates


Its biggest feature is the ability to automatically add a book with just one click. With access to over 100 million titles, you no longer have to type slowly to input book data. In addition, this template is compatible with any device and screen size, ensuring a seamless reading experience across all your devices. Say goodbye to manual data entry and enjoy the convenience of effortlessly organizing and tracking with this template.

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The Ultimate Reading List Tracker Dashboard for Notion

This template includes book notes and journaling templates for both fiction and non-fiction books. The Total Summary section provides insightful stats based on your reading, such as pages read and books completed. Additionally, the template features an in-dashboard reader profile to record your favorites, strengths, weaknesses, and more.

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Ultimate Reading Tracker

This template has many features to make reading easier. You can set goals, organize your library, explore different genres, and enjoy your favorite books. You can even celebrate your reading achievements with monthly challenges and yearly recaps. Use this reading tracker to dive into the world of books and let your imagination soar.

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These templates offer a range of options to help you stay organized and motivated on your reading journey. So why wait? Give one of these templates a try and take your reading experience to the next level!

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